Petit Fours!

May be it is the Winter start! 😉 Welcome back great friends from everywhere: the US, the UK, Malaysia, Netherlands, India, Philippines, Greece, France, Austria, Nigeria, Belgium, south Africa, Canada, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, India, , China,  Spain,  Finland, Georgia, Kenya, Uzbekistan,  Pakistan,   Bahrain, Taiwan, Argentina, Germany, Australia, Mexico, Chile, Egypt, Thailand, Russia, Cyprus, Italy,  Brazil,  Qatar, Croatia, Tanzania,  Ukraine, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Hungary, Colombia, Poland,  Ecuador, Ireland, Uruguay, Turkey,  South Korea, Denmark, Bulgaria, Portugal, Indonesia, the UAE, New Zealand,  Iraq, Costa Rica, Mauritius, Vietnam,  American Samoa, Bosnia & Herzegovina,  Congo- Kinshasa, Hungary,  Serbia, Poland, Japan,  Trinidad & Tobago, Indonesia,  Saudi Arabia, El Salvador,  Réunion, Nepal,  Belarus, and all! 😉

SophieCheesecakeMy mom liked to make “Petit Fours” but she was not into baking in general. It was very delicious. We never had enough but that was when we were kids.

Now it is unhealthy to eat a lot of sugar and grown ups need to be careful in their diets but that wouldn’t prevent you from remembering how tasty it is to have sweets melting in your mouth.

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Why is it called a petit four?
In French, four means “oven.” … When the fire was dying out and there was still plenty of heat retained in the oven walls, this was called petit four (“small oven”). This lower temperature was perfect for baking individual pastries and bite-sized cookies and appetizers, all of which came to be called petits fours. [Google 2019]

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Until we chat again, nice memories mostly bring you inspirational thoughts with our hugs and kisses ❤


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