Elephant Insurance!


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As promised the three remaining insurance questions are answered here:

what is specialty insurance?

It’s insurance that can be purchased for items that are special or unique. Specialty insurance policies are important for items that are not typically covered under other insurance policies. 

circus insuranceFor example, the fingers of a pianist or the voice of a singer. It is rather tailored policy that would protect the person’s body part which s/he depends on it in earning his living.

How actors, singers, circus employees are insured?

Typically, they get their insurance from their unions. There is also disability insurance just in case of completely failing to play the role or perform on the date of  the agreement. However, some singers made special policies to meet their needs.

Circus performers should have insurance for sure and so is the show they perform due to all the difficulties of preparing for each show and the possibility of delay or cancelation. This could raise another question: how is elephant insured under all these circumstances?

Montana West WorldMontana West World === MyUS Shopping === MyUS Shopping               Nordic INC Until we chat again, our next is so funny post especially for you with our hugs and kisses ❤

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