Great to make a routine change from time to time! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends everywhere: the US, the UK, Czech Republic, South Africa, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Finland, Russia, the UK, Thailand, Bolivia, Mexico, Indonesia, Trinidad & Tobago, Vietnam, Germany, Kenya, Italy, Cameroon, China, India, Philippines, Nigeria, Malaysia,  Canada, Serbia,  Croatia, Paraguay, Switzerland, Brazil,  Australia, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Egypt, Hong Kong, Ireland, Philippines, Indonesia, Norway, Kazakhstan, Argentina, Belgium, Finland, Turkey, Hungary, Latvia,  Puerto Rico, Cameroon, Sweden,  Romania, Singapore, Panama, Denmark, Georgia, France,  Taiwan, Estonia, Pakistan,Japan, Ecuador, Spain,  Netherlands, Greece, Austria, Uzbekistan, Bahrain, Chile, Thailand, Cyprus,  Qatar, Tanzania,  Ukraine, Colombia, Uruguay, South Korea, Bulgaria, Portugal, the UAE, New Zealand,  Iraq, Costa Rica, Mauritius, American Samoa, Bosnia & Herzegovina,  Congo- Kinshasa,  El Salvador,  Réunion, Nepal,  Belarus, and all!😉

An overwhelming Godly beauty makes you mesmerized speechless turning on your contemplating mood. You’re glad that you accept the invite to this overwhelming Godly beauty called “Chabot” Park in San Leandro, CA.

It’s amazing when you are sitting there in the open air and you are watching the trees, the stones, and the blue clear sky. All kinds of leaves are shaking in a way similar to a ballerina who moves agilely with the music.

Everything is perfectly set there next to each other then comes the tables, the benches, and the trails which are carefully designed to provide a smooth experience to its visitors while hiking for almost 9 miles if they can all around a marvelous lake.

You’ll be surprised seeing all these people coming and going in a vibrant dynamic way; each of them is carrying something different not only food or coal for the barbecue but also canoes, tents, dogs, babies, balls, and all kinds of park playing tools.

Until we chat again, why are you so inspired by fresh air? With our hugs and kisses ❤
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