Positive Vibes or …!

Are you the type of person who can detect good or bad vibes?

What is positive or negative vibes?

In its simplest meaning, it is some feelings that you may experience (good or bad) while meeting or getting in contact with some people, places, or incidents.

How to detect the kind of vibes you encounter?

It is claimed by some psychologists that there were signs of bad vibes and good ones. For example, if a person complaining all the time, this might be considered as a negative vibe while its opposite is the positive one.

Positive signs may include:

  • Good health.

  • Positive things happen to you.

  • People interact easily with you.

  • You experience moments of intense gratitude.

  • You have high energy levels.

  • Experiencing negative energy is normal you but release it easily.

Do vibes have a huge effect on your life?

If you believe in positive or negative vibes, your life might be somehow affected. It depends on your reactions to certain situations, persons, or others. Maybe it would work similar to karma.


When should you take a step away out of bad/negative vibes?

Each person is different in reacting to bad vibes. You might have a friend who would avoid certain people whom s/he thinks that it brings him bad luck. Or you yourself, you might feel uncomfortable around certain places which brings bad memories to your heart. You wouldn’t even watch anything that would bring that to your mind. Avoiding negativity is normal but exaggeration in doing that might be uncomfortable as well.

Until we chat again, trust your feelings or your vibes, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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