Mother & Honeymoon!

So hard to be inside the circle while you want to see it from its outside! 😉

Review: Honeymoon with my Mother (2022) is a no-stakes dramedyUnless it is a worthy-watching movie, it is not to be recommended for you. And it is worthy b/c it will bring fun and humor to your heart.

Honeymoon With My Mother: Release date, trailer, plot, and moreThe story’s ideas are relatively new since exchanging your bride by your mother in your honeymoon is not heard of yet. Thus the idea is good and the situations are so funny. It will entertain you and take you to your good mood.

The movie is a family film that addresses real life issues. It is originally in Spanish but the dubbing in English is quite convenient and makes you think it is an American movie. 

José Luis is left standing at the altar, and his mother, Mari Carmen, insists on accompanying him to his honeymoon destination so as not to lose money. José Luis has never felt unhappier, while Mari Carmen enjoys herself like never before.

This is your weekend recommended movie. Enjoy and suggest 🙂

Until we chat again, we’d love to hear from you soon, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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