Geico Fails!

The book can take you places you’ve never been to! 😉

You are not to blame since you trust this company. You think that it is trustworthy but unfortunately, they prove the opposite.


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Car Crash GIF - Dashcam Accident Crash - Discover & Share GIFs | Car crash,  Dashcam, Car gifIt is a long story that went on for six days and perhaps tomorrow will be the 7th. It is about not understanding your auto policy; especially when you deal with a big company like Geico.

Geico, this monster gigantic company has become the enemy of the simply people who put their trust in whatever is being said by the Geico agents whom sadly repeat wrong info for their clients whether intentionally or not, it shouldn’t be. 

Next you’ll read the whole story.

Until we talk again, your stories never end so read more, with our hugs and kisses ❤
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