Focus on your outcome,  its process will be correctly carried out! 😉   

Something has happened that made you thought that the interpretation of words could be wrongfully presented another meaning in some instances. The reader has his own ideas and bias and this is the case with everybody else; mistakenly, there is a good chance of misunderstanding.

Why do I misread words? - QuoraYou yourself, as a writer, you are not an angel. You too have your own ideas of approval or disapproval, but what remains is that, your intentions are never to confuse your readers or mislead them. Definitely, misinterpretation of your words is not one of your approval ideas.

Are You Sure You Read That Right?Why misinterpretation takes place? Because sometimes the auto-fill or the auto-related subjects are not under your control, but they pop up and attach themselves to your pages.

Even some of your ads are being there through your plateform’s provider, but the readers do not know that. Your readers do not know which stuff was provided by you (or your team), and what’s automatically got into your stuff without your permission.

What do you think dear writers? Merry Christmas 🙂

BASU eAlarm® WRX 120dB Emergency Alarm (Wearable Model)Thank you for spending time with us all friends from: the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, Nigeria, Finland, India, Chile, Latvia, Malaysia, Thailand, Netherlands, Denmark, South Africa, Germany, Philippines, Kenya, South Korea, Mexico, Uruguay, Poland, Vietnam,  Bosnia & Herzegovina, France, Spain, Portugal, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Italy,  Estonia, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Canada, Egypt, Argentina, Serbia, Israel, Belgium, Cameroon, Martinique, Russia,  Greece, Bangladesh,  South Africa, Kyrgyzstan,   Mexico,  Spain, Slovenia,  Turkey, Japan, Kazakhstan, , Poland, Ireland,  Nepal, Panama,  Chile,  Finland,  Bosnia & Herzegovina, Jamaica, Ecuador, Kuwait,  Croatia, Romania,  the UAE, Netherlands,  Uruguay, Pakistan, Czech Republic, Thailand, Bolivia, Trinidad &  Tobago, Vietnam,  Paraguay, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia,  Hong Kong, Norway,  Hungary, Latvia,  Puerto Rico,  Sweden,  Singapore,  Denmark, Georgia, Taiwan, Pakistan, Austria, Uzbekistan, Bahrain, Thailand, Cyprus,  Qatar, Tanzania,  Ukraine, Colombia,  South Korea, New Zealand,  Iraq, Costa Rica, Mauritius, American Samoa, Congo- Kinshasa,  El Salvador,  Réunion, Nepal,  Belarus,  Cambodia, Slovakia, Luxembourg, and all!  

Until we chat again, be here be near be inspired, with our hugs and kisses

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