Balloons Mystery!

Only He can heal you when He wants! 😉  

Balloons are nice, don’t you think so? Especially when they come from the no-where and start floating and floating. Oh! Isn’t that funny?

Chinese spy balloon seen over Kingston, North Carolina(NewsNation) — The U.S. government is tracking another unmanned balloon that was spotted Friday flying over Hawaii, officials said.

No action was taken against the balloon because it posed no threat to civilian aircraft or people on the ground, a Defense Department spokesman said.

The balloon was floating at about 36,000 feet, the altitude at which some commercial aircraft fly. NBC News and CBS News also reported the balloon detection.

Do you believe this? If this balloon appeared anywhere else, would there be any curiosity to know about it? Or is it an American balloon which is safe for people to watch and wonder? 😆

Homeless is still there more confused than ever, help them even with a word.

In your next post, a new series to be recommended for your weekend 🙄

. Weather changes from cold to warm and vice versa, could it be related to any balloon programming?
. A third bank went dead over the weekend, what’s going on?

Until we talk again, stick to inspiration, with our hugs and kisses <3, 

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