Watch you decisions, your Lord is watching! 😉

King Charles III coronation: Live coverage and latest updatesIt is amazing how irony could be when you look at both sides of the world: on one side here it is the celebration and the enjoyment of starting a new era for King Charles III; while here on the other side, there is this group of people marching in the cold weather leaving their homes and their beloved one just for the sake of earning the right amount of money that would enable them of living a decent life.

TeachersStrike3But this is life where some people have to fight for everything they earn even if it was not that much in the first place. Not everyone will be able to see or to feel how this group of people (teachers) live. Teachers are underpaid. It is a fact. They are underpaid for unknown reasons or for bad logic. 

TeachersStrike2Think about it: when a teacher gives 9 or more hrs a day and earn an amount that would not help her/him to cover her/his rent not mortgage bc very few teachers own their own homes, a physician or others gives the same daily hours or less for five times the pay of a teacher. What do you think?

It is shamful that your students are partially paying the price of these strikes, while without teachers they wouldn’t be able to graduate or promote to the responsibility that is awaiting for them.

TeachersStrikeThere they are in CA, striking for four consecutive days with no-one to help, why? Truckdrivers stike was solved overnight, why teachers are so much in continous suffering?!

Until we chat again, keep reading getting all the inspiration you need, with our hugs and kisses ❤


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