Hair Headache Solutions²!

You can achieve more when you are genuinely inspired by interesting topics! 😉 Thank you and always welcome to your pages dearest friends from the US, Finland, Chile, Latvia, Malaysia, Thailand, the UK, Netherlands, Malaysia, India, Latvia, Denmark, Canada, South Africa, Germany, Philippines, Kenya, Nigeria, Australia, South Korea, Mexico, Uruguay, Poland, Vietnam,  Bosnia & Herzegovina, … More Hair Headache Solutions²!

Headache Solutions!

Be creative even with tiny things, you will energize your brain! 😉 Perhaps you read about headache in many online sites. Surely, they are plenty. Some of them would give you hundreds of reasons and suggested treatment. Nevertheless, there is one or two tiny tricks that you might not read about them there. Because both … More Headache Solutions!

Jokes with Maria!

Looking for inspiration? Take a quick look at the next pictures! 😉 When you are bored, ask yourself what you want to do just for the sake of having fun. Maria said that her favorite source of having fun is the caricature jokes, which is really great. She shared those pictures with all of us: … More Jokes with Maria!


There is only one word/number in each post that you can call a “Key”, but perhaps few of you know that! 😉 Sometimes you do not know what exactly the reason behind this feeling you have. You keep thinking over and over about someone which gives you more stress and unpleasant feeling. Simply stated, you … More Feelings!

The Larrabees!

Good movies are always refreshing. They give you all kinds of entertainment, relaxation, and inspiration. The hardest part is how to know about these good movies! 😉 The piano was fabulous at the opening of this movie. It starts with “Once upon a time…” and it goes on and on for as a fairy tale … More The Larrabees!

Your 2022!

Hello and good morning all friends everywhere! 😉 Are you ready for 2022? You don’t think so? What are you waiting for? Until we chat again, maybe you have a plan, but you need sharing, with our hugs and kisses ❤

Counting Down 2022!

Be grateful to others without expectations; you will be rewarded! 😉 People have a gigantic array of different interests and tastes. You might see this through the variety of hats that are invented just for the sake of saying: “I am different.” Take a look at this new collection of hats, how do you see … More Counting Down 2022!

Youth Driving!

Be the positive mindset that enlightens someone else’s life! 😉 It is so funny! When you were at high school, you were in a race to get your driver’s license. It felt that it was a very important piece of paper. When you got it, you celebrated with your friends. You started to fulfill your … More Youth Driving!


Flowers are always fascinating. They give you all the cheerfulness of the world. Someone said that if you had a garden of flowers, you would live forever! 😉 There is special beauty in every single flower and another one in every group of flowers. It captures your senses wherever your eyes caught them. Searching about … More Zinnia!


Your own fingers are different never the same! 😉 Jarrett told us that when he was a child, he thought that the black olive had the black color naturally similar to the color of the blue berry. He did not know the truth about the black olives until he was in his thirties when accidentally … More Trees!

First Knight!

Hello everyone! 😉 In 1995, it was a great movie and everyone celebrated it but, like all other classic movies, it was forgotten and unappreciated. You might still remember the first scene where a quite large number of knights were riding their horses making their way in between the mountains and forests and everything was … More First Knight!

Your Support!

Really enjoy your present coz tomorrow it will be in the past! Be the kind hands that help others! 😉   For Amazon story, so far, it seems that nothing will be changing in spite of the large number of countries participating in “Let Amazon Pay” movement. Good morning every friend here and not here yet … More Your Support!

Global Crisis!

You will get inspired, just go ahead and read through topics; you will absolutely get pure inspiration! 😉   You didn’t know that Amazon is disliked that much by its workers and employees. It comes as surprise for many especially when an Amazon commercial runs on most if not all the TV channels presently. What does … More Global Crisis!

New Bus & More!

You are smart but do you think that nobody else is smarter than you?! 😉 Every moment there is many new inventions and they never stopped b/c brains are born creative but creativity is facing a lot of problems coming from media. The human brain should not be suppressed. Look at this new idea and … More New Bus & More!

Ready? For 2022?!

Writing down your priorities will make you see where to your valued time goes! 😉 As you all know the majority of non-profit entity, similar to, supposedly depends on donations and contributions from whoever has interest in reading the posts or making use of them in any possible way. Dear friends, this year our … More Ready? For 2022?!

Ready for 2022?!

Look around and see time for what it really is! 😉 As you all know the majority of non-profit entity, similar to, supposedly depends on donations and contributions from whoever has interest in reading the posts or making use of them in any possible way. Dear friends, this year our expectations are not met … More Ready for 2022?!

Random Thoughts!

Do you think you are doing your best or do you think that something holding you back?! 😉 For sure this happens to you if you are a writer. You have a nice line that sounds exactly what you want to say to your readers, but you are driving in your way to run a … More Random Thoughts!

Smash & Grab!

Hunger and poverty are the enemies of humans! 😉 A quick trend in looting spreading fast among the cities of the Bay Area. Who knows where else it will be reported? Thank you and always welcome to your pages friends from the US, the UK, Italy, Bangladesh, Ireland, Egypt, Nepal, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Canada, Russia, Nigeria, … More Smash & Grab!

Gigantic Growth!

Uh! One of my dad’s favorite sayings is: “The man as old as he feels”! 😉 Fantastic or gigantic growth! “The consistently strong growth we’re seeing in our business, quarter after quarter, is a testament to the passion and commitment our team brings to serving our guests, and the trust we’ve built with them as … More Gigantic Growth!


Wishing everyone who is in any kind of pain, whether it is Covid or others, to get well soon and catch up with our thoughts! 😉 It is a piece of art. It will be appreciated by you and others for its creativity and craft. Thank you and always welcome to your pages friends from … More Reminiscence!

New Invest⁴!

Memories can consume you but still you cherish them! 😉 Definitely, it is good to make money online. If you can work from home it is great. It will save you the time you spend back and forth to and from work (your unpaid unappreciated time). Welcome back and thanks for being here with all … More New Invest⁴!

New Invest³!

Be the rainbow that brings a smile to others! 😉 Is it easy to try that app which could make you stocks trading for as little as $1? Of course not. Why not? Because there has been a number of experienced traders who have been in that business for long time and they still make … More New Invest³!

New Invest²!

Hard to know how others feel but easy to know how others make you feel! 😉  It is easy to read about it but it takes a lot to build up a new habit or a new project. Maybe not a lot in time, efforts, or money but in initiation, wow, you may know what … More New Invest²!

New Invest!

In your heart, if you have no goodness for your mom, there will be none for anyone else! 😉 How to make quick money is a title that attracts many of you but interesting enough when you read it you would feel that most of the suggestions are unpractical. Being skeptical after reading them would … More New Invest!

Sky Taxi!

Do you think you can escape all this technology? It’s a bit too late for that! 😉 Is it ever getting less complicated than the way it is right now? Wow! How can you expect it to get less if it is always getting more? You talk about how technology is taking you to the … More Sky Taxi!

Red Notice!

You have the blessing of forgetting! 😉 If you like to laugh a bit this weekend, you can watch this comedy movie 2021. Welcome back and thanks for being here with all of us from the US, the UK, Spain, Finland, India, Nigeria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Greece, Russia, Turkey, Kenya, Italy, Canada, India, Malaysia, China, … More Red Notice!

What Situation?!

The world is like a feather in the air, flying without wings; today we are together, tomorrow we are where?! 😉 What a cheerful thought to know that you are not alone in this situation. What situation? Welcome back and thanks for being here with all of us from the US, the UK, Russia, Turkey, … More What Situation?!

Great Trimming!

How do you expect others to change the bad rules if you say nothing?! 😉 You watch young children being exposed to unhealthy trimming and mowing residuals, breathing dust while playing just because some dummy admin decided to allow tree trimming and mowing  during the school hours. Not only that but also your kids are … More Great Trimming!

Army of Thieves!

Once you started speaking you will not stop coz everything is coming up in rose! 😉 The title (2021) was the key to select it although it was described as German piece which might make you a bit hesitant to watch at first but then when you run part of it, you’ll find out that … More Army of Thieves!

Enjoyment of Writing!

You have plenty to say but your time is limited! 😉 Writing is a gift before being a skill. Some writers argue otherwise but that would not change this fact. Welcome back and thanks for being here with all of us from the US, the UK, India, Romania, Malaysia, South Africa, Greece, Croatia, Canada, China, Nigeria, … More Enjoyment of Writing!


There is a difference between being cautious and being negative! 😉 Talking about solutions for overthinking episodes brought you a list of resisting methods. Welcome back and thanks for being here with all of us from the US, the UK, Croatia, India, Canada, China, South Africa, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Finland, Serbia, Poland, Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, France, … More Overthinking²!

Free Guy!

Do you have a party to attend? Or do you prefer watching a movie on your own couch?! 😉 Welcome back and thanks for being here with all of us from the US, the UK, South Africa, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Finland, Canada, Serbia, Poland, Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, France, Ireland, Romania, Ecuador, Finland, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Canada, China, … More Free Guy!