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For all readers and visitors from everywhere, we appreciate your time. You are all so dear to us, and love to hear from you; especially from our new ones in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, UAE, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, South Africa, Indonesia, India, Japan, &…


When there’s a breeze, inhale it deeply; otherwise, wait for it! 😉 Welcome back friends and readers from the US, Germany, Canada, India, and Russia! 😉 Is it a coincidence or is it a plan for success? Disney is one of six major film studios in the business right now, with the other five being Warner … More Everyday!


Maturity is in safety, then other things follow! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, Colombia, India Portugal, and Australia 😉 “It’s already 10 yrs old, but many of you, I bet have not seen it yet.”, Sam said. “What was that?”, Katie answered. It’s a movie that was liked by some and disliked by others. … More Hero-House!

A Vacation?

Suddenly, you’re almost there! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, Canada, Hungary, Germany, and New Zealand 😉 It’s sometimes confusing to get behind the scenes for what is going on around you. Even behind the scenes with your own family could be hard, when all of a sudden your son decided to move to … More A Vacation?


Tomorrow will be your day, and if tomorrow is far away, you’d find it sooner than that! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, Canada, and India 😉 Since I really need a laugh, I’m sharing it with all of you! Karna or Carna, not sure of the right spelling of her name, sent you … More Laugh!

What Should You Do?

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Our thanks and appreciation today goes to our new friends from the US, the UK, Canada, Spain, Brazil, Ireland, Germany, Algeria, Netherlands, Australia, France, Austria, Latvia, India, Sweden, Indonesia, Bosnia & Herzegovina  😉 What You Should Do? With the fast rhythm we live in right now, novelty is on the top demand. 1Zumba…

Crush it!

One day you’ll fly away! 😉 Hello and welcome friends from the US and Canada! 😉 Interviews are hard, not because you cannot express yourself well but because your level of anxiety is usually higher than the normal during the meeting. The other reason is that your mind is playing games with you while you’re … More Crush it!


The game is getting bigger and wider, but still you are the best in speaking loud! 😉 Welcome back friends from everywhere: the US, Germany, India, South Africa, Ukraine, Brazil, New Zealand, and Bangladesh! 😉 You might be the best communicator, but in order to relatively guarantee your success in the process of communication, you need to know … More Loud!

4th Happy!

You can be the one who other millions would never be! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US,  India, the UK, and Vietnam 😉 Today is the 3rd of July here in CA, but according to the date of the post it would be the 4th of July, which is corresponding to the American Independence Day. Therefore, … More 4th Happy!

1Zumba Disney!

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You never know what is coming, do you? 😉 Thank you for visiting our page today, and we hope that you would become one of our great regular friends and readers, who are everywhere; particularly our new ones from the US, Brazil, Sweden, Germany, Mexico, n Australia 😉 Are you…