Australia Leads against The Big Tech!

Dearest friends writers bloggers teachers and all, thanks for being here with all of us from everywhere: the US, Australia, India, Canada, China, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Argentina, Sri Lanka, Israel, Iceland, Netherlands, Hungary, and all! 😉 Parts of the speech that was given by Mr. Trump have been traveling everywhere in your whole world among … More Australia Leads against The Big Tech!

From Australia!

Life is so precious; it’s a shame being unable to save any of all those wasted souls! 😉 Hello and welcome back dear friends from the US, India,  Austria, Germany, and Puerto Rico! 😉 My daughter brought me a special kind of tea from Australia, while she was visiting a friend there. It was nice … More From Australia!

A Vacation?

Suddenly, you’re almost there! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, Canada, Hungary, Germany, and New Zealand 😉 It’s sometimes confusing to get behind the scenes for what is going on around you. Even behind the scenes with your own family could be hard, when all of a sudden your son decided to move to … More A Vacation?