Australia Leads against The Big Tech!

Dearest friends writers bloggers teachers and all, thanks for being here with all of us from everywhere: the US, Australia, India, Canada, China, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Argentina, Sri Lanka, Israel, Iceland, Netherlands, Hungary, and all! 😉

Parts of the speech that was given by Mr. Trump have been traveling everywhere in your whole world among supporters and anti-T as well. Some gave comments that deserve your attention and your help. For example the part that Mr. Trump spoke about big media, there has been a comment made by Stephen Miller. 

Nina gathered some transcript in case you prefer to read rather than to watch a video and hurt your sacred eyes. Here it is:

This is what Mr. Trump said: “The time has come to break up big tax monopolies and restore fair competition republicans conservatives must open up our platforms and repeal section 230 liability big tech giants like twitter google and facebook should be punished with major sanctions whenever they silence conservatives” or others.

This is what Mr. Miller said:

To win the future the republican party, as Donald trump has laid out, needs to be the anti-monopoly party, this is in our roots as republicans T. Roosevelt did this but this is far more existential than what was faced back then this is about your means to communicate to express your first amendment rights to share your thoughts and ideas to express your political views to have fair and free access to information it’s essential that we break up these monopolies.

And it’s also essential that Republican governors just like Ron Desantis is doing step up and take action against these entities if necessary regulate if necessary fine if necessary sanction look at what happened in Australia if sovereign entities stand up whether they be states or countries and say that these companies do not have the power to suppress the rights of free people.

It will not be sustainable for these companies but it’s going to require everybody acting together what they’re hoping is they can bully a single state or they can bully a single person or they can bully a single organization but if multiple states stand up if millions of people demand fairness and demand freedom they will not be able to sustain their current position but it requires more people.

To be brave and courageous like the governor of Florida do you believe we’ll see that? Thank you Australia for having the courage to stand up to the Chinese communists uh communist china and stand up to big tax exactly what Australia has done yeah and and Australia paved the way and many attorneys general across the United States conservative want to stand up and i think you will see them stand up and take legal action against discriminatory behavior look.

If a power company threatened to shut off your power because you wouldn’t express their points of view or if your water company threatened to shut off your water because you wouldn’t express their points of view we would obviously agree that that’s illegal your ability to communicate with your fellow citizens is a fundamental aspect of life in this country.

It’s a right that all of us enjoy and no company can become so powerful that like a light switch they can just turn it off and say you don’t have a voice you don’t have an existence you can’t express yourself that is fundamentally un-American and it’s going to require collective action on the part of free-thinking people not just conservatives but liberals too to say this isn’t who we are yep!”

Until we chat again, there is a huge difference between only talking about the problems and taking action to solve it, with our hugs and kisses

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