1Zumba, New Blvd.!

Isn’t life great?! Thanks our dear friends & readers from everywhere; in particular from the US, the Uk, India, Canada, Netherlands, Slovakia, Denmark, Germany, Paraguay, Vietnam, Moldova, Ireland, n Taiwan ūüėČ


Too many thoughts, too many things need to be said, and where is the time for all of this? People! We only have too much to do! No matter how long life is, it is still relatively short ūüėÄ

Image result for a street sign with my name on itI guess that is why people like to have highways, streets, boulevards, roads, circles, or lanes called after their names, in order to have people remember their names after their death.

My 1Zumba friend, did you notice that the names of the presidents are given to streets more than anyone else in this country? In other countries too, of course.

Why? Oh! Each one of us should have a chance to have her/his name also written on some public place ūüėē

Sometimes, I wonder why is this or why is that! And, you know what?, it’s really quite enjoyable to have such a critical mind. Coz we are born to be critical. It’s in us. To think, to criticize, to develop, to evolve, to go further ahead, & to prove ourselves over & over again.

1Z-Blv1Life is very complicated, yet enjoyable when you know how to handle it.. And who knows the keys for managing it? Very few!

Sometimes, I’m impatient; I can jump into conclusions. I should give others a chance to explain themselves. I’ll try my best to give others my ears more frequently so to speak up their minds. What if they don’t? ¬† Just give it a try ūüė≥

Yes, Gloria, my 1Zumba friend, there is many frustrations in life, but let it not be a reason not to say thank you for others. No matter how little they give you; n giving here includes not only material things, but also care, love , or even a smile.

O.J., 1Zumba friend, I do the same. I love books, and I keep buying them, having a hope to read all of them. It always exceeds the normal reader’s capacity, but I can also give them as presents for nice friends, if I didn’t have the time to read them.¬†

Sometimes, my dear 1Zumba friend, Alfredo, I can’t tell myself the truth about how I feel for someone else. There are boundaries I go with, but you can make your own. Others showed me a lot of love & attention. I appreciate and respect that. All I love is genuine people.¬†

You may have millions around you, but there is only one genuine always stand out among all of them. You would feel that it’s true, deep, n not superficial. When you find it, just hold to it, coz it’s rare & genuine. Myself, I have a specific¬†indicator, n I don’t know about you, but I assume that you must have one too.

Let me talk to you some more in a little bit, probably about something that went public, & it shouldn’t have been. Many African American people are angry about it, as I heard from my students.¬†

Give me a big hug, & take good care of yourself. Cheers ūüėČ ‚̧



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