1Zumba, Not Sure!

Welcome to our pages, friends from the US, India, Turkey, Germany, Uganda, n Philippines 😉

My dear 1Zumba friend, what do you think? Am I out of control?  Nope!

 Why am I saying this? Coz I was listening one song, that goes about kind of loosy goosy type of girls. Here it is:

I love the dance and the rhythm, wow! I hope you’d like it too. I’m not sure why this kind of melodies, although I know it’s old style kind of music, but it has its fans, no longer as much as it should be.

Another new competition question, is here tonight. It’s Q no. 66. Good luck everyone.


It’s easy peasy question I know, but this is the type of competition that talks to all levels of thinking, so even kids can answer it. 😀

My heart is with you, and my mind is with them, coz I need to answer many questions for my friends tonight.

Let us have a short break then, and when we come back, let’s talk until dawn. Love you ❤




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