1Zumba, Saxophone Bellies ?

Thank you for your visit today. We’re extremely happy to see you today and everyday! Our US, Mexico, Australia, Uganda, n India  friends, we’re thrilled to be always in contact with you 😉

My dear 1Zumba friends, this is absurd, ridiculous, unacceptable. Say “NO” for this suggestion, coz it takes away your rights as a consumer. Where is the courtesy or the dignity for the clients? When you ask a customer to pay for a bag or to bring a bag with her to the store to put her merchandise in it, it’s so belittling the pride of this customer.

Let me first talk about a very special song that I really love so much. This song drove me crazy; it kept playing in my ears forever yesterday: I must say that many singers sang that song, and each one of them added something peculiar to it. I love all its versions, coz what I love and appreciate  the most are its words!

For you!

The song is : “I Will Wait For You”

If it takes forever..
I will wiat for you
For a thousand summers
I will wait for you
Till you’re here beside me
Till I’m holding you
Till I hear you sigh…
Here in my arms

Anywhere you wander…
Anywhere you go
How I love you so
In your heart…
Believe what in my heart I know
That forevermore…
I’ll wait for you


If it takes forever..
I will wiat for you
For a thousand summers
I will wait for you
Till you’re here beside me
Till I’m touching you
And forevermore…
Sharing your love…..

I chose that version, but all others are available on Youtube.com 🙂

Back to our economic subject. I’m not sure if you feel the way I feel about it. But all proud stores will never do that.They will gladly provide you with a bag with their names on it, coz they want you to come back again to their stores. They want their names to be right in front of your eyes all the time. They want you to keep their names shown to other friends relatives or acquaintance.

Image result for shopping bags
This is actually part of the promotion for the department stores, to implicitly give you a bag that carried their names, so that everyone else would see you carrying those bags with a big name on it. This would encourage others to go to the same department stores, coz the name is already stored in their minds.

Pls wake up, and do not give up your rights, a day after day. It’s sad to see people hypnotized like this. I love you people, and I like to see you respected and treated with dignity. I like to see you not being exploited by greed, and big bellies. I hope you get it, coz it’s a serious matter 😛

Image result for shopping bags
If the city passes a bill like this, it means an extra  hidden taxes for residents, yes, it’s a hidden way to tax people. It’s a kind of deviation just for the sake of profit. The only purpose is collecting money from citizens. Would this be acceptable by alert people? I don’t think so.

I hope you’d hear me, and I hope you’d get it. Coz if you didn’t, what would be next? Asking you to pay for your TV or Saxophone box?! :mrgreen:

We’ll have to take a bite, and then come back to you, so stay on here with us, checking on our previous entertaining articles, until we come back to you again, with a post even more exciting ❤  Love you ❤




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