Unexpected Ending, 1Zumba!

Welcome again & again friends! Thank you the US, Mexico, Germany, Serbia, the UK, Australia, Croatia, Brazil, Turkey, n Vietnam 😉

I did enjoy it, my 1Zumba friend. Yes, I’m talking about the movie we watched together in that movie theater. Although the story somehow not quite new, but the way it was handled made me sitting impatient to get to every next part of it.

The actors were superb, they put me in tears for some parts, and the camera was moving so smoothly. The only thing that was not justified the black out in between the scenes.nocturnalposter

The unexpected end was so interesting, it enabled the multi-interpretation for the whole story. Although it is one time to be seen movie, yet I recommend it 100%.

The movie  is called “Nocturnal Animals”!

We’ll chat some more in few moments. Kisses ❤

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