Illusory Smog Ads, 1Zumba!

Thank you and welcome our readers and friends from everywhere, with special thanks to the US, India, Belgium, and Hungary 😉

My 1Zumba friend, I just want to say that trickery is an old-fashion word to describe actions that are meant to deceive others. This is not news. I guess all of us know that.

The news is that trickery is used publicly without any consequences online; without any Image result for smog shopsfear or even embarrassment. It’s happening openly. Everyone can see it, yet nobody talks about it. 

Why don’t they talk about it. Probably coz it’s only few millions/billions of dollars, and only few people  oppose to or comment on it. It’s not a puzzle. We’re talking about coupons, or online illusory deals.

The DMV ask drivers to have their smog check-up every two year, and the smog shops are running a huge scam out of that unfair limited regulated situation.

When you go online to check on the nearest smog shop or station to run your “Star Image result for smog shopsONLY certified” smog check, you’d find hundreds of places offering deals or coupons, asking you to print that coupon and bring it with you to the shop.

Once you are there, the scam will start. At first you would be told that, according to the model and the year of make for your vehicle, the cost would be different from the one you saw online, even after applying the coupon that you brought, after printing.

In addition, the certificate which will be sent to the DMV must be paid separately, coz it is not included in that smog check. Then your total cost will come up to any figure possible $$$. 😡  

After deducting the $40 coupon, which you thought that it was such a great deal, you’ll Image result for angry customer in smog shopsfind yourself paying minimum $50 for the process. 🙄

Isn’t it better to tell you the truth from the beginning. Instead of going through all this circle of lies. Why not to be upfront to build up a good clientele? Coz they have plenty of customers or shall we say, suckers!

I hope that the DMV control those shops and make them provide that service at a reasonable cost, without any wrongful info for the public. People have many other issues to worry about, and don’t need an additional trickery burden added to their lives.

Some people get really mad when that happened to them; therefore, it is better to call any of these ads, just before going there. Ask all the questions  you can think of, so you wouldn’t be surprised when you arrived there.

Let’s talk more in a little bit. Kisses & hugs. ❤

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