Oh Dear Oh Deer, 1Z!

Hello again dear readers and friends. It’s a wonderful Monday. California is like no other today with this fantastic weather!

Welcome friends from the US, Serbia, the UK, Canada, n Brazil 😉

Here it the whole thing that happened to me, my 1Zumba friend:

I woke up hearing a knock on my door. I got up quickly to answer my door, putting my heavy robe around my back and my shoulders.

Looking from the peephole , I saw nobody, which got me so suspicious, so I didn’t open the door.

Instead I ran upstairs , putting on my jeans and my sweater, and my Robocopp in my hand.

I tiptoed the stairs, looking one more time through the peephole, but Image result for see my garden from peepholethere was nothing, no-one. I opened the door slowly, but I also thought it might have been the wind picking up.

When I opened the front door , there was a surprise. Next to my car, which I left outside the garage yesterday, coz it was so late, and there was that noise coming from the garage’s door every time I open it or close it. So I didn’t want to disturb any one in our complex in the middle of the night. 😛

It was late . My neighbors are nice people, but they can get irritated by Related imagethings like that. In the meantime, I was back from a party and I just wanted to continue having that right mood.

You know when you have one of these nice evening with friends; you dance, drink a little bit, listen to the piano playing in the background, and having that absolutely special view all around you, overlooking a lake full of high-class boats. It’s really fascinating, and you don’t want to ruin that thrilling sensation of that enjoyment you have.

Anyway next to my car there was that most stunning deer; so pretty, so Image result for small deer next to a caryoung, so small, and he was looking at me, as if complaining to me, or almost crying out.

I wasn’t sure why he was leaning towards the side of my vehicle. I didn’t want to approach him or scare him. He didn’t seem to be dangerous or aggressive kind of animal.

Besides I had my Robocopp device so if in case I got attacked, I can press the button and the whole world would be alarmed against that deer.

Strangely enough, instead of approaching him, he approached me and he was limping. “Oh! Are you injured?”, I asked him, and my heart sank down into my knees. What should I do now?, I was thinking. I called 911 asking for
help, and what to do.

Image result for small deer next to a car
They provided me with all the instructions required, and how to deal with the whole situation. I took the gazelle and the vet took care of its injury, which was in his right foot, and the funny, yet great, thing to happen was that the deer was acting so obedient, as if he knew that I was trying to help him.

He sat down on the back seat of my Aztek, right in the middle seat, where I put the seat belt around him very calmly compliantly. You wouldn’t believe it how calm, satisfied, and … he was, after being treated, offered water, and food.

Back home, he was sitting exactly where I led him to, next to the fire-place where I placed few cushions around and under his injured leg.

Image result for small deer next to  fire-placeI continued taking care of him for a week, after which he was seen one more time by the vet, who told me that he could be released and back to his habitat.

I didn’t know where to take him to, coz there was no zoo near or around us. I didn’t know where he came from in the first place. All I knew was that he came from the nowhere just to keep me company.

I didn’t want to be selfish, it was one of the best things that ever happened to me. He, as well, wouldn’t go anywhere, he was so smart. He knew where I wanted him to be, whether inside or outside the house.

OMG! It has been so hard to take a decision of let go. If he was happy and so I was, why should I let him go. I love him, and he loves me too.

Let’s talk some more in a little bit, to tell you what should I do. Until then I’ll leave you with “Oh Dear Oh Deer” to enjoy along with my hugs and kisses ❤


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