From Toes To Head!

Sometimes, you think you know it all; but, the truth is, you do not! Welcome dear friends and readers from everywhere; particularly from the US, Mexico, Philippines, Netherlands, Ireland, n Argentina 😉


My tips to you are simple, clear, and doable. It’s all about the first impression the buyers will get once they see your property from the Image result for clean outside homeoutside, and then from the inside.

Let it be full of light. Turn on light everything you have. Open curtains, and make it cheerful for your visitors. Darkness bring pessimism. When the lights are on they make the potential buyers feel a glowing warmth.

Make sure that your repairs are done, it makes a huge difference to see Image result for clean kitchenloose knobs, sticking doors, windows, warped cabinet drawers, and other minor flaws detract from home value. Have everything fixed.

From toes, and all the way up, display the great value of your home. Adding some decoration is appealing to the clients. They want to see the best in your home, which is going to be theirs. Actions speak better than words, when iImage result for clean kitchent comes to selling. A small lift up for your home’s appearance would take you to a better level of investment.

Your closets will look bigger, if you have them tidy and in order. Bedrooms should be arranged neatly and remove any extra furniture. Attractive spreadsheets and fresh curtains will give you the best display.

Bathrooms need to smell good, this is the key. Fix any loose faucet, and discolored Image result for pets out in the gardensinks. During inspection time, it is better to have less of a crowd.

If you’ve got any pets, it is better to keep them out of the house, it shows that you have respect for your buyers, and also that you like to keep pets away from damaging anything inside your house. Trying to dispose of furniture to the potential buyer, before they have purchased the house often loses a sale. Why put the cart before the horse?!

Let your agent do her/his job, you will not lose anything; on the contrary, if you didn’t interfere, there’s a bigger chance of getting a better offer, so keep this in mind.Image result for buyers check on a house

Let your realtor discuss the price terms, possession, and other factors with the buyer. S/he is eminently qualified to bring negotiations to a favorable conclusion.

A final tip, show your home only by appointment through your agent. This will be appreciated more, and will help you close the sale quickly.

These are few tips to home sellers, but this is not all. There is definitely more to be said, but since we are talking in general here, we will have some more in another post to come soon.

Until then, here’s our hugs & kisses ❤

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