Cherry Moon, Cheers!

It has been a quality day, adding to our lives more moments to treasure. Welcome our readers and friends from the US, New Zealand, Mexico, Ireland, & South Korea  😉

Sometimes, you feel you need a drink, but not any drink. I’m not talking liquor necessarily, but it could be. Why would you have this need for a drink? May be to swallow your pride, when choosing to watch a certain movie or play, and then it turned Image result for drawing bad moodout to be a catastrophe.

Well, let me try  to put it in a better phrasing.

The desire to defeat your feeling of disappointment sometimes necessitates having a drink, or at least this is how some people feel when they watch a bad movie, or have an unpleasant event.

Francis, my nephew, suggested a nice drink for me, to erase that bad memory that got into my brain after watching that X movie. I’ll tell what this drink is and how to make it, but first let me tell you what had happened with that movie. 

This movie, by all means, not the one I should have watched. When I went out with my son, there were many new movies in theater, coz it was Christmas and New Image result for JackieYear. I asked my son which one he would choose, he picked up LaLa Land, which was a lot of fun. I was happy that he did!

Last week, I saw “Jackie” movie, and frankly-speaking, I was terribly regretting the idea of watching it! To that extent, I was blaming myself. Why was that?

I thought for a while. I’m watching movies not necessarily for entertainment’s purposes only. Part of it, is entertainment, but I like to get more out of it. I like to know about history, about people who supposedly lived different lives. Learning something new and developing opinions that agree or disagree with the theme, etc.

Probably I was dissatisfied, because I expected to see more; not more action or mystery, but rather more of a good structure, which it had not. I think I understood why it did not succeed. May be the main reason was that it failed to capture  the audience’s attention, the monotony and the repetition of the scenes, n others.

Ok! Forget about this film, and let’s have that fabulous drink called “Cherry Moon”. Image result for cherry moon drinkMy nephew gave me its recipe. Very simple, it is, and tastes delicious Image result for most expensive grenadineand refreshing:

1.5 pats Cherry Noir flavored Vodka

3.5 parts lemon-lime soda
.5 part grenadine

Prep.: Build ingredients in the order listed in a rocks glass filled with ice, and stir. Present with a cherry. Building, or layering, these ingredients results in a beautiful spectrum of color that ads t the appeal of this cocktail. Resist the urge to stir to maintain the gradient of color.

After having a drink, I think I can say, I’ve seen worse movies. It was not the first one, it was just one of these bad movies’ nights. Just stay away from it, so you wouldn’t need a drink the way I did, haha!

Our hugs and kisses for all of you ❤

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