Devil’s Stole…

When you’re in doubt, just sleep on it. Welcome dear readers and friends from the US, New Zealand, Canada, Bangladesh, n Brazil 😉

Going out to dinner, we were five ladies in a nice restaurant, in Walnut Creek, CA. Our dinner started normally with an elegant waiter or should we say a young gentleman, taking our orders, while politely smiling.

The five ladies who happened to be all teachers/businesswomen, started talking about different subjects, beginning with the classes, the students, and the school’s curriculum.

Of course, what else except our everyday’s work we would begin with? 🙄

Then, the conversation went on into personal matters, about husbands, children, relatives, and friends. At that point, Deborah remembered a friend who was lost in Image result for ladies dinneran airplane that was traveling from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to Beijing, China.

She said that it was Malaysia Airline, and there was more than 200 people on board, and that they went all missing along with the airplane in 2014. 

Amanda confirmed that the accident was all over the news, and that it was a mystery what had happened to that plane. Nobody actually knew until that moment what went wrong, or where it ended up to. 😥

Barbara got emotional and had tears in her eyes, although she was known to be a strong person, but thinking of the whole situation, and the families and their losses, it was so tremendously gloomy.

Anna wanted to change the subject, but instead, she got us deeper into it, by stating that there was millions of similar incidents that took place over the years in an area Image resultbetween Florida and Bermuda.

I commented that it was called the “Bermuda Triangle” or the “Devil’s Triangle”, due to the enormous number of lost airplanes, ships, and humans.

“Where is the Bermuda Triangle?”, Deborah asked. 

The Bermuda Triangle is a loosely-defined region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean, where a number of aircraft and ships are said to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

In Oct 2016, a scientist was mistakenly thought as having discovered the secret to  the mysterious disappearances, sinking and crashes that have occurred in the famous region east of the Bahamas. Or at least, he appears to think he has the answer. 💡d

The media made him seemed to be solving the puzzle, because you know how the media is. But the Washington Post corrected the wrong idea that spread around at that time.

In brief, the Devil’s Triangle stole the night from us; however, we all liked it, coz it gave us a chance to see other sides of others and of ourselves as well. I do recommend going out with your colleagues when there is a chance to do this. 

Oh! We have a meeting, I better hurry up, and talk to you later!

Until then, here’s your hugs and kisses ❤

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