One Angle!

True! We are tested or our principles are in many situations of our lives, but let’s first welcome our friends from the US, India, Ireland, Serbia, & Spain 😉

Life brings us the unknown! With that said, you know you would encounter situations where your principles or beliefs are constantly tested and re-tested over and over again.

Is there a stop or an end for this? Here’s how Ginger expressed that to us:

“Like all of you it happened to me as well. Many years ago, while I was expecting my third baby, my family and I were invited to a group beach event, where each family had its own umbrella and few chairs as the host arranged them in two lines parallel to the shoreline.

The day was perfect for the beach. All families were enjoying themselves. We Image result for one line of umbrellas on the beachknew a number of them, since it was one of my husband’s company promotional events. Around midday, the kids started to ask for food, so my husband went to get some drinks and sandwiches for us. While he was gone, there was that guy who was supposed to be a guard or a coordinator. He had a fight with one of the guests right next o to our spot. No

Nobody wanted to interfere with that situation until he tried to punch that guest, only then they had to do something about it. The guy seemed to be upset with everyone around him, not only that family.

In minutes, after he was done with that issue, that guy approached our space, and impolitely wave his finger to my face, ordering me to move away with my kids to take our spot, with no explanation. My husband was still not there. I was not sure what he thought, probably being an expecting mother or a female with two kids in her hand, gave him a green light to bully us too.

The truth was that I didn’t think at all at that moment. I only reacted to the way he treated us as guests in that place, or as we were supposed to be. I stood there Image result for bare feet on the sandbarefoot on the sand opposite to him holding my kids with both hands, and loudly enough, to let everyone else around hear what I was saying, I yelled at him: “No, we are not going anywhere!”

He had a shovel in one hand, and having such a bad temper could have resulted in a terrible reaction by him, being a bit challenging to him (I thought about that later on, not during the time that happened). Thank God. He did not do anything foolish. He left us alone and walked away. 

Although I was pleased with myself being able to stand up for such a bully, but when I think about it now, I ask myself if I was a fool or a hero. I think I should Image result for acute anglenot have risked my kids’ safety. Yes, it was great to be brave, but I should have thought of my pregnancy and the baby in my belly, or the two little kids in my hands. What if that crazy guy, hit one of us with that shovel?

I guess sometimes one needs to consider all circumstances, not only one angle. Sophie! I’ll be happy if you shared my message with your other followers. Thank you.”

Thank you Ginger, I’m very glad that you send me this email. Pls keep sending more. We are open to anyone who would like to share their stories. It makes our lives more closer to each other. We learn from each other.

Until, we chat again, our topics, here’s our hugs and kisses ❤


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