Sure You Do!

Sure you do! You have your secrets which nobody else knows! Well, hello! Welcome our readers and friends from everywhere; the US, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Sweden, Ireland, Austria, Canada, New Zealand, India, Germany, the UK, Australia, Hungary, Norway, n Slovakia 😉

In response to our yesterday’s post “One Angle!”, we received many messages:

. Nancy from California send us an email saying: “Ginger! You did the right thing. You were not fool at all in my opinion. You were so brave than many of us-women. Talking about myself, I would not imagine that I would ever have the guts to do what you did. I’ll be dead before I could do something like that. Bravo Ginger, I wish one day I have it.”

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. Jimmy commented:   ” Bullying is unacceptable from a man to  a woman, or a woman to a man, or a man to a man, or a woman to a woman. It is refutable from any one person to another. There is no justification whatsoever to such an act. Our wholeDrawing Of A Sad Girl Sad Girl Sad Girl Drawing And Sad On Pinterest community should seriously stand one hand in this.”

. Carlos sent a picture sharing his reaction with us.

. Pauline encouraged all girls and women to step forward and talk more about any bullying they are being exposed to, and not to be ashamed or embarrassed to tell.”

We used to have short clips for our posts, but I think we only posted on FB, although we should have posted here as well, to give a chance to you too to check on the posts you’ve missed, and go to the topics that you like its picture.

Here’s a nice one:

Of course, if you get to Youtube, you’d find all our videos for or My or News!

Many others expressed their support for Ginger in her story, and especially that she was having a baby and two kids in hand.

Again sure you do have secrets, exactly like Amy, who finally uncovered some of them. She told us her story but that will be in our next post!

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