Great! Welcome our friends and readers form the US, India, France, the UK, n Poland 😉

Manar asked us about the CBEST test, and there are plenty of info about it. It’s all available on their website. I understand that your question was not about what was written on the website, and that you found it difficult to pass that test.

All I can say is that all tests are difficult. There is no easy test especially if the test is going to qualify you for being a teacher. 

Also, try to deal with your test anxiety level, which would help you a great deal in answering in a better way and faster than what you expect. Just think that you’ll be having a good chance to pass, but if you didn’t for any reason, there would be another one, it is not going to be the end of the world. And I know how hard this is, Related imagebut I learn to deal with situations like this realistically, so even if I were unhappy about it, I had to accept it.

The only solution I could think of is to take each part of the test (which is three parts) by itself. Instead of taking the writing, the Math, and the Reading comprehension all together, divide them into three tests. I understand that this would cost you more money, but it is saving you a lot of time, instead of going through this over and over again.

We all wish you the best of luck. Pls dear readers help Manar with your comments or similar experiences, it is very easy to  put your comments on our site. It would take you few moments.

Thank you, and until we continue our chat, here’s our hugs and kisses ❤

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