Tail or Egg?²

Dear readers and friends from everywhere, research is enjoyable and rewarding but it still depends. Welcome to our world of fun and new thoughts. Thank you friends from the US, South Africa, China, and the UK 😉

To continue answering the two pending questions about: Do we know if having a tail or an egg produced by certain atmospheric elements right attached to Earth is dangerous or not? Do we know what does it mean to have such a tail or an egg?

Here’s our findings:

Within the last few hours NASA released that video talking about the Earth’s tail, but did they indicate any danger that could be coming out of it?

As an immediate effect on Earth or our global position or atmosphere, nothing was so far discovered, since more research is needed, before anyone would know to what extent that tail would have serious effects on us, or how big it would continue to be.

Image result for Earth's tailA co-worker commented on that issue saying: “Tail or egg ²or both, who cares! Even if it was fatal or top dangerous, what are we going to do? Nothing! Big nothing. We are so weak, so helpless even with having all these kinds of latest technology and other tools. Look at our size compared to Earth!”

“We are similar to a bunch of ants, and….”, Mike continued dramatically. Oh! I think he was a bit pessimistic for some reason or in the dark mood. Nevertheless, his saying had some truth in it. Being ready is wise though, even if it means death, we may still have a chance to protect ourselves. What do you think, dear friend? 💡

Until we chat again about my friend’s sister-in-low romantic issues, here’s our hugs & kisses

. Effects if any.
Proposals in this connection.


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