Nature can always surprise us! We shouldn’t think that we saw everything! Our welcome for each one of our readers and friends everywhere; in the US, India, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, and China 😉

It is great to plan any trip, short or long, just to relax and enjoy the pretty nature around you.

As far as the eye can see is a brutal landscape, gray and black with smoke swirling and darkening the sky. A horrendous odor fills the air. Pits of hot, bubbling liquid make crossing these lands treacherous. There are no signs of life. As you step nearer to one pit, you notice the earth changes to the rusty color of dried blood and that the liquid below is a an unnatural blue-green.

This is how our source described that fantastic unbelievable full-of-colors area. It is called the “Yellowstone National Park”, and it is located in three different states in the US: Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho.yp2

Is this another planet? or the the aftermath of some chemical disaster? Not quite. In fact, it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Yellowstone National Park sits atop several calderas, or volcanic craters sunk into the earth. The result is colorful hot springs, bubbling mud pits, and spouting geysers.


The West Thumb area of Yellowstone is well known to travelers for its abundance of such features. The egg smell of sulfur fills the air as bubbles of it burst out of mud pits.yp4

The vapors cloud the vision, and the resulting landscape is bizarre and otherworldly and incredible to see.


Unbeaten natural scenes the wonders can hardly describe. Your tongue as if it would be kept prisoner, coz no words could be uttered from the amazement and the incredulity!YellowP

It is just too much to see or believe that it exists. If you are ready for the trip, just make sure to check on the park’s website. It is full of advice for everything you may need. Enjoy your trip & “Bon Voyage”!

Until we talk again, check on the topics that you’ve misses. You’d be surprised. Stay cool with our hugs and kisses

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