Active Shooting²!

You never know if it could ever happen to you, but still you’ve got to be ready. How much ready, this is for you to decide 😉

Hello again readers and friends from the US, New Zealand, India, Oman, Hong Kong SAR China , and ChinaHere’s our continuation for active shooting.

What should you do if you get involved in an active shooter situation?

. Educating yourself on how to react, and taking 3 simple actions:

. Run
. Hide
. Fight

Various Scenarios:

In a store: You heard a gun shooting, and you have your boyfriend shopping in a retail store. You got alarmed, but the key is in being calm and act immediately. Drop everything you have in your hands. Your life is far more precious than anything else. You can get anything back or replaced, but not your life.

ActiveShootingSophie2.jpgTry to remember where you came from, and where’s the nearest exit. If the shooting was coming from near the exist area, go toward the back of the store, there is always an emergency exit, just focus on running away from the spot where you heard the shooting coming from. If your friend didn’t want to run with you, go ahead and run by yourself. It’s not the time to convince anybody.

If you found the exit that is great, run out and hide behind your car, or drive your car away from that spot if that was possible, and call 911.

If you couldn’t get out of the store, hide behind big objects or underneath unseen spots. Do not take chances and play hero. It is not the right time to endanger yourself or your companion. Stay calm and make no noise. Silent your cell-phone. If there is any light button close by put it off. Dim the area where you are. The shooter will most probably avoid the darker areas. If there was a room, enter it, barricade doors, turn its light off, and stay silent.

The faster you act, the better situation you would be at. If you couldn’t run or hide, the only remaining solution for you is to fight, defending yourself. Try to find anything that would work as a weapon. Think fast: you can get hold of a fire-extinguisher, a broom, a chair, a metal tool, or any other similar items that you can get your hands on. 🙄

Gather your courage, and the moment the shooter step in closer from you, just hit her/him with whatever you have. The head is the point where you’d aim at. The quicker you are, the better it would be, coz you’d take the shooter by surprise, which is a good element in self-defense.

If you like to know more, let us know. Until then check on our previous articles, and enjoy your weekend with our hugs and kisses

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