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We talked about “Beauty” in a series of articles. Each one of them explained some viewpoints about how to use beauty for the favor of your business. We touched basis on your entrance, colors, lights, cleanliness, and set-up, but there is still more to add to the physical beauty of your store.

Today your beauty‘s addition is about what our ears like. Kohl and Josefina agreed that their basic attraction element, to any store, comes from music. I was really quite surprised but Amanda confirmed that during her walks in the mall, certain types of music usually grab her ears, and that the melodies made her step into a store, without realizing that she didn’t intend to shop for that kind of products.

So how that happened?

The music has its own charm and ability to captivate your senses; consciously or unconsciously. It depends on the kind of music you prefer to hear, and what kind of music you anticipate when it comes to different types of merchandise.

For your store to stand out among others, you probably need to:

. Select the type of music (Classic, Piano, Guitar , Cafe relaxing, Country, Rock, etc.) that would suit your brand.  If you are in the restaurant business, your choice of music certainly would be dissimilar to that which is in the shoes business or the sports business.  Imprint in your customers’ minds that association between your retail store and your music. RestaurantMusic-Sophie                     

. Choose the music that would make your customers live with your products. For example, if you’re in the home furniture business, select the relaxing type of music as if you yourself are home. Have your customers in the right mood for making their decisions quickly. This is the beauty of music. You shouldn’t waste it. 

Research shows that the music you play affects not only the store’s environment, but also shoppers’ moods and feelings. By changing the tempo and style of background music, retailers can create a visible change in atmosphere. Analyze your store’s ambiance, what kind of atmosphere do you want to establish? You could for example create a playful space with high-key pop music, or use slow rhythms to build a relaxed, pensive environment.

. Give your customers the right tempo  for moving around your music. 

If you like your customers to move fast, use fast music, it doesn’t have to be loud in a way that would lead them to run out of your store as fast as possible. Choose your music to be exciting and enjoyable.

. Change The Tempo When Closing

A smart in-store music strategy will take into account these effects, and play different styles based on the time of the day and desired goals. For example, a retailer may decide to play fast tempo, louder music when it’s close to closing time, to encourage customers to speed through the store; conversely, slow music could be played during off-peak times, to inspire shoppers to wander around and browse the merchandise for longer.

. Buy some time until your cashiers’ line move:

Music can affect people’s perception of time. A long queue will feel shorter if there is good music playing in the background. To be less bored is a good technique!

. Motivate your buyers:

A 2005 study revealed that people tend to spend more on impulse buys when pleasant music is playing. The effect was present even when people did not notice the music playing in the store, showing that music has a subconscious (yet very real!) effect on shopping habits.

More interestingly, the type of music played can act as a trigger for specific purchases.Good Model-Sophie

Classical music, for example, has been found to influence shoppers to buy more expensive items. Scientists believe that it may be because classical music evokes feelings of high quality and elegance.

. Your productivity goes up:

In-store music is not only for the customers, it is also for employees and managers. The best thing is to have a specialized person (dj) to whom you would explain your strategy, and leave the task for her/him to accomplish. Just make sure that your specific sales goals are explained clearly.

A student told me a special proverb yesterday: “Give the dough to the baker to make bread, even if he ate its three quarters”. Its interpretation is that you better have the professional runs her/his part of the business, because you’d be still gaining, even if the bigger gain went for her/him.

In conclusion, a retail store or any business without music is dead. Without music people think that it’s not an appealing place to walk around. Their ears seek something to have an impression about your place. Therefore, keep the right plan for music in effect, and let your customers’ ears be pleased with the beauty of the music- the beauty of this endless charm.

I hope to hear your comments soon, and to continue with our discussion in our coming posts. Until then, stay safe with our love and kisses


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