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There is always something you can do better when it comes to retail stores. We’ve seen plenty of department stores, grocery stores, retailers, etc. At least one time, we turned back to the nearest exit, for some reason.

Getting your customers to your doors is something great to happen, but you want them to walk around and buy your products. Nothing would prevent them from leaving except their feeling of comfort and enjoyment while taking the tour in your stores.

Previously, we talked about the beauty of your entrance, colors, ….

The Ultimate Guide to Retail Store Layouts

Another important factor of beauty that you need to be very sensitive about is the organization and the arrangement of you merchandise. There is a special beauty in seeing the shelves in good shape. It’s appealing to see everything in its right place.

When you vision Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s stores in the way the products are arranged you would think it is totally different from the way it is in Walmart. I’m here talking about the organization only not the quality though.

When your shelves are messy, and your floor holds your products in place of your shelves, and when your customers keep tripping into things on the floor or clothes scattered here and there not in the right place, this is not the image that you want your customers to have about your store. This would automatically associate your brand with chaos not with the beauty of organization that would be carefully considered when you are a high-category retailer.


When your potential buyer saw a stain on one of the shirts which was neglectfully misplaced with your shoes unit, it’s instantly a negative note that would remain with your customer whom you mostly lost!

You don’t want this to happen. The beauty of organization is crucial for your store’s success! You would start with the layout. According to your space, you would decide which department would be where. Then you would decide about the shelves and the fixtures you will be using.

Modern grid store layout | Shopify Retail blog 

Keep a breather for your products, but not too much so it wouldn’t look like you don’t have enough goods in your store. Try to be moderate: not too tight and not too loose. Bring your goods forward to the very front of your shelves if they are to be arranged in lines. If it’s a fixture, try to put the most attractive items in your collections, so the customer will be drawn to the shelves to where to find it.

Treat your customers intelligently! No more dummy customers exist! Be creative! Accept your small employees’ views if it makes sense to you; you would be surprised. Try new ideas. From time to time, change the way of organization. You cannot have the same exact arrangement of products forever. We are in the era of high tech, remember that. People get bored faster than before. Keep in mind that if you settle, there’s others who would grab your customers mercilessly by all means.

A poor store layout can have a crushing effect on sales and conversion rates. You may know what your shopper count is but how do you know they’re not turning on their heels and going straight out again. Can your walkways cope with busy times? Where are the bottlenecks and why is no one buying your new promotion?

The beauty of well-organized store is a critical point in your success. There are degrees of beauty, which one you want it to be?

Oh dear! There is more and more to say. Until we chat again about another point of beauty that would increase your sales, and raise your assets, keep flipping our pages with our love and kisses

. Your Store Layout.


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