Pepsi- The Flavor of Fun!

Today we’ll talk more! 😉 Thank you for coming from everywhere: the US, Tunisia, Japan, Italy, Croatia, Switzerland, Philippines, & Slovenia 😉 

There’s a  reason why I like Pepsi over CocaCola. In fact more than one reason. Let me start all over again.

The last time I stopped by a gas station, one of its gas tanks/machines had this sign on the top of it. Immediately I felt the sensation of Pepsi. not the taste of the Pepsi but rather the style and the elegance.

This is the first reason I like Pepsi. I always felt that it has more than the Coca Cola, although I know that there are billions of people who are fans of the red sign of the Coca Cola, and in that I understand the strength of the red and white colors. I wouldn’t even go there.

But when it comes to smart ads, Pepsi is definitely higher, and again I’m not sure why I classify it higher than the Coke. Probably the Coke have higher budget than the Pepsi, but I still feel very impressed when I watch or see any promotional string for the Pepsi.

“The Flavor of Fun”, who would think of that?! This is genius!


It is not bias though, why? this brings us to the third reason, which is the taste of the Pepsi. All over the years, and this is my dad’s say as well, Pepsi had that special formula, of the less iota of sweetness, and the “sting” of the its taste when Pepsi touches your tongue. Very special unparalleled taste. If you ask me: “Have you tried the Cola?” Of course, I did, and that is why I’m comparing between the two of them.

It’s very similar to two soccer teams: one is blue and the other is red. Both are strong, but each one of them has some qualities that do not exist in the other. So the reality is that, at one point, you would probably admire both of them, but other elements of like would prevail.

Anyway, it’s a chat chat talk. We love you all guys, and we want to see you searching our topics continuously getting to the bottom of this whole matter, refreshing your thoughts, and coming up with solid conclusions.

Until then, stay cool Oh! I meant stay warm with our hugs and kisses

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