Weight Loss & Juices!

This day, sharp is your sight! 😉 Welcome back readers and friends from the US, Italy, Brazil, Tunisia, Algeria, Germany, the UK, Iceland, and Russia 😉

Losing weight came again as a question to us by Lewis yesterday, saying that: “Is drinking Juice would help in my weight loss, I’m over 200 pounds and I’m not 17 years old yet.Related image

That was surprising but knowing that there is an obesity problem in our country reminded us that it shouldn’t be a surprise at all. Everywhere you go you’d find many people who are over-weighted. You’d know them right away the moment you see them right away.

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Our answer is “Yes” but this does not mean that you’d be living on juices only. Juice can be helpful element in your diet only if you didn’t add any sugar to it. In other words, you can drink fresh juice, which will make you feel full, then you would eat less.

The grapefruit juice is among the most common types of juice that can help you lose weight. Lemon juice is one strong element that should be on your list too.

The watermelon juice is certainly assisting your body to get rid of extra calories by burning them while keeping your body without dehydration.watermelon juice

The Kiwi juice is sometimes unappealing for its color, but nevertheless it works very well when you want to lose weight or to be in control of your weight. It has this sour taste and it can be used before or after your meal. Just try to be picky in selecting the elements of your meal. Eat healthy with your juice plan.

The pomegranate is the magical juice that has it all: burning calories, keeping your appetite at a lower rate, and nurturing your body with nutritious elements. It will keep your weight low, and it will make you feel fresh and glowing.pomegranate juice 625

Of course there are plenty of healthy and nutritious juices. As a matter of fact, all your vegetables and fruits can be turned into juices, but some of them will add weight to your body. Among these juices you would find the Bananas, the mangoes, and the guava.

Lewis, this was Amanda’s answer to you, we hope you find it helpful along with our tips.

Until we talk again, continue checking up on our unread topics, and find your ignition among our pages, with our hugs and kisses

. Juices.


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