Campfire Dining!

Welcome back friends from the US, India, Japan, Canada, Australia, the UK, Indonesia, and Hong Kong SAR China 😉

It was nicely said:

“The allure of a camping trip can be enticing, even if you prefer the comfort of indoor living over the great outdoors. A recent wave of campfire cuisine restaurants in San Diego County give their guests the opportunity to enjoy the wood fired cuisine, cozy ambiance, and spirit of adventure that camping provides without having to worry about setting up a tent.”

OutdoorRestSophieThe word “ambiance” was misspelled but it was not a big deal. It was distributed by a magazine that had plenty of audience but it was not a big deal 😆

Let’s focus here! Briefly speaking, it is a new trend of restaurants in San Diego, and the theme is basically as if you are camping outdoors. Instead of chairs, it would be stumps of trees or cushions on the ground with a pit of fire in the middle, and warm colors of orange and red. Decorative fire woods are scattered here and there to help create the right ambiance. Sometimes, canopy tents surround the dining spots. The flavors are running in the air making you hungry and ready to eat spontaneously.

You should try it, if you were in California.

Until we talk again, stay engaged with our topics, sent your comments and likes, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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