Your Tongue!

Your pen is your tongue of your brain! 😉 Welcome back readers and friends from the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, Indonesia, India, and Hong Kong SAR China 😉

What a beautiful day today! I wonder if it is the same, like the Bay Area, at your end?

When Erika talked about her family and Renee made that comment I told you about yesterday, Bob whispered to her: “Swallow your tongue for now”. Clearly he didn’t want Erika to get hurt, which was nice of him to do.

But that brought to my mind “Tongue” topic that we had few months ago. It was called “Chocolate Tongue“. Then I thought that there was supposed to be a continuation for that post. Looking for it, I found it under one of the unedited folders. 

As you know there are too many proverbs about your tongue. Most of them refer to its verbal  function since whatever words you say to someone else could affect your communication with that person. It could be in a positive way or a negative one. One of these proverbs say: “Your tongue is like your horse, if you took good care of it, it would take good care of you, but if you neglected it, it would neglect you”.

SophieYourTongueIn other words, if you think about what you’re going to say and produce it carefully without hurting anyone else, the product would be favorable, and the opposite is true.

Backing up to the continuation we found in our folders of your tongue, here it is:

The tongue!
This amazing tongue can be used to talk, eat, and taste.

First, let’s talk about talking, since we’re doing it already. The front of the tongue is very flexible, and is used to create many of the sounds you call talking. Just try to say, this or that without it. Go ahead, I dare you. It is hard to say, right?

And the back of the tongue helps with other sounds, like “k” and “g.” How would you sing without this wondrous muscle in your mouth? Terribly. But with it wow very nice.

SeaBear SmokehouseYour tongue can also help you eat. It moves food around your mouth while you chew, pushing it to your back teeth so they can grind it up. It’s like a marvelous, spit-covered food-moving machine. While the teeth grind up the food, it gets mixed with saliva which you also call spit.

The spirit and food mixture then get pushed by your tongue to the back of your throat, where it travels down your esophagus or food pipe to your stomach. Eating would be awfully hard without saliva. And flavorless, since a dry tongue can’t taste a thing.

Tasting is the best part of your tongue. Your tongue’s surface feels rough, because it’s covered with a layer of small bumps called “Papillae”. The papillae contain your taste buds. And those help you taste everything from apples to zucchini. And everything in between. If you are an average person, you’d have around 10,000 taste buds. These amazing little bumps can detect sweet, sour, bitter, and salty flavors.

SeaBear Smokehouse

Now, this might make you hungry coz your tongue can detect all four of these fabulous tastes at once. Think of Parmesan cheese, ketchup, or fresh roasted chicken. This powerful organ can detect five separate tastes as we mentioned that previously.

Taste and smell are very closely connected. Aren’t you really impressed by all the things your tongue can do? The best part is that your tongue never rests. It works all day and goes on all night, no batteries necessary. 😆 [What a Creator!]

This one tongue can be used to talk, eat, and taste. You see how wonderful your tongue is?

Until we talk again, because there is always more, remember to taste our spicy topics, with our hugs and kisses

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