Arrested Psychologists?

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Linda raised a question about the psychologist’s job and the trust that has been lately affected by the many stories that we hear about rape and info steal.

“The patients are vulnerable and the wolves are out there”, Vanessa told us that it is no longer a secret that many psychologists nowadays can not be trusted. The number is on the ups. Why? Because there is a demand for therapists or psychologists since a good percentage of people in the US lately are referred to one, and the graduated students are on the downs.

Listen to this patient!SufferedPatient

If it is that high percentage, isn’t it better to find out the roots of all those issues and find solutions, instead of just frivolously refer people to psychologists/therapists?

Thence, for people who are referred to one, pls be careful when you give your personal info to any therapist and be alert if you’re asked to improvise any part of your problems, coz it’s a sign that that therapist crossed the lines.

Expect no help of your therapist coz she is there to listen to you without any advice on her part. If she did interfere in your narration and gave you an advice, change her, she’s not honest or professional. She is not supposed to give any opinion at all.

A therapist who gave you prescription, when you don’t need to, is acting like a medication promoter, an extra role that was given to her by pharma companies.ArrestedPsychoArrestedPsycho

Look at these faces, there is hundreds of them out there, some are more dangerous than the others. And remember, it is wise to put your trust in someone that is reviewed and recommended by valid resources, to protect yourself and your info. You are the guard of yourself, act like a sincere guard for your well-being.

Until we chat again, get back to your missed or incomplete readings, to keep inspired, with our hugs and kisses

. Psychologists


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