Doxa¹ for Leaders!

Hard to tell when you are on the top, but you better pay attention for the particulars! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, Canada, Georgia, India, Australia, Czech Republic, and Germany 😉

Steve said: “Who cares?”, when Bonnie told him that her co-workers might feel jealous. She innocently cared for her co-workers, but apparently, that didn’t matter any more, coz if they were in her shoes, they wouldn’t care for her. On the contrary, everyone of them wanted to be the best performer at work.

Boring! Seriously, who cares, as Steve said. He had a valid point. Your community now doesn’t care any more. Everyone is busy day and night with checking on gmail or yahoo emails or others. The acceptance of the intrusion of your cell-phone in your life is part of the doxa that  you were wondering about before.

So what is the story of Doxa?

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Doxa is a term that was given to the knowledge and the rules that you accept and follow in your family, community, and country without asking or doubting any of them. Let’s compare between these two worms and see which one you’d feel comfortable dealing with if you are talking to your family. Would you accept the picture (A) as an illustrating example for worms, or would you rather use picture  (B)?Compare

According to Bourdieu and Eagleton (1992) as:

 “things people accept without knowing” (Bourdieu & Eagleton, 1992, p. 114). In his conversation with Terry Eagleton, Bourdieu says that he prefers the term ‘doxa’ to ‘ideology’ because ideology in the Marxist tradition suggests that most people labour under a false consciousness not knowing the basis of their exploitation, and that only the intellectual class can reveal the falseness.

Back to Steve again, the implied notion that was added to the doxa by him was “Who cares?”. What do you think? Is it really true that nobody cares any more? Is there a sense of carelessness among people in your community/society? Should Bonnie cope to that idea and act accordingly?

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Until we chat more about that situation, why don’t you have a deeper look at our updated topics to get more inspiration for your new idea, with out hugs and kisses ❤

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