Can you keep repeating what you’re doing while expecting different results?! 😉 Thank you for coming back friends from the US, India, Japan, Romania, and Brazil 😉

John was one of the managers that was mostly hated by his employees, not because he was a bad manager, but because he wanted to believe everything that was said to him by Melissa, who was lying to him about his other employees.

The place was a clothing retailer where it was quite crowded. Melissa took advantage of her weak boss. He gave his ears to her, which made it easier for her to run the place the way she wanted.

The store was a mess. It was managing itself. Poor employees who suffered from bad working conditions in the back room and in the break room were not able to make any complaints. It was their only way of earning some money to feed their families.Melissa

Melissa was like a snake, according to Liliana, one of Melissa’s victims. Liliana saw Melissa as an opportunistic type of toxic co-worker. She described how Melissa was able to “hit you when you’re down, to undermine you when you’re absent from the workplace, to cast doubt on your dedication, or question the quality of work you’ve yet to finish. She’ll take control of your projects or customers. She wants you completely out of the picture.”

John, supposedly the manager, had to trust her to run everything while he was not around. He made her a key-holder, and she kept taking boxes and boxes from the store, but nobody ever talked about it. Melissa didn’t respect John. She made jokes about him behind his back, or may be he knew about it.

Liliana quit her job so did four others. To that extent that place was toxic and unbearable for the bad management and the carelessness of the higher managers to help or to check on what was going on on that place.

Born Pretty

The funny part about it was that John got moved to a new store, while Melissa had an accident, which went under investigation, coz it was said that one of the employees intentionally injured her  in front of everyone else; in addition to the scandal of her stealing which was recorded and discovered by the janitor who reported it to the police. 🙄

Until we chat again, dig deeper in our topics, to get your real inspiration, and expect more with our hugs and kisses ❤

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