Hopefully, this would bring up the smart man in you! 😉 Our friends  readers, and followers from everywhere: the US, Mexico, & the UAE, welcome to our world.

Probably we talked about this phenomenon before, but about Berkeley specifically. Now we would like to address the same issue in San Francisco!

Beautiful San Francisco’s streets are facing a big problem, which is the homeless Related imagepeople, who are everywhere. This city which has the highest income rate in the whole country, is suffering from this ailment.

One of my students from Korea, he told us that they did not have anything similar to that in Korea.

He did not understand why  those people were in the streets, or more accurately, sleeping on the sidewalk and  in the parks.

Another student told his classmates that he saw a lady carrying a dog on her arms, as a baby, and that Image result for funny homeless in SFhe was quite surprised for that scene; while other human beings were scattered everywhere downtown San Francisco. He called it an irony. Do you agree?

On one point, we must all agree: the level of  of homelessness pervasiveness in San Francisco is a disgrace. As a humanity crisis, it’s so bad.

Nobody who really have a heart should accept what is going on for homeless people in San Francisco or anywhere else!

Image result for san francisco homelessDo we nee to say more? let’s have the photos speak for themselves.

Talk about it, and never stop, until something is done for these poor helpless people.

They are the product of your society, and you need to handle the crisis fast and professionally. It should not take you forever to put them in decent homes. 

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SeaBear SmokehouseWe will chat some more soon about other problems that are caused due to this terrible homelessness trend. Until then, here’s our kisses & hugs.


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