Fools Out!

It’s time to realize how humans are so vulnerable! 😉 the US, Romania, South Africa, Guatemala, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brazil, Bangladesh, Mexico, France, Poland, Croatia, Germany, Cameroon, Canada, Singapore, Italy, the UK, and India! 😉

Another movie we watched last week was “Knives Out “.

Here’s its trailer: 

The only reason I had that movie was the Redbox continuous emailing perks option.   NO! No! Just kidding. In fact, I love all James Bond’s movies and Craig’s is one of my favorite Bonds.

However, after viewing that movie, I found out that there has been a number of symbolism  and politics; specifically about immigration and the relationship between Americans and immigrants.

Talking about immigrants and how they suffer of low-income and poor standard of living is not a new subject to talk about but the symbolism is new. There was no direct criticism for any point.

The only part that you’d find it hard to understand was the reason behind giving up all the money for a complete stranger, and the justification for that was that she had a good heart was not enough reason, and not all people were the same.


You couldn’t apply an individual traits to all people who are coming from the same country.

Bond was disappointing. He cracked the case but he was acting like someone else; he didn’t exactly own the role. He gain some weight obviously affecting his moves.

Still it was a good movie that you’d enjoy it and it had some meaning although the origin would remain in the author’s mind.

Until we chat again, have you watched any movies lately? Would you like to share with us your critic, with our hugs and kisses

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