Like It²!

Zoom my dear zoom! 😉 Welcome back dearest writers bloggers readers friends everywhere: the US, the UK, Hong Kong, Thailand, Bulgaria, Malaysia, India, Italy, Kenya, and Qatar ! 😉

When it was said “Like It” when you write it, it didn’t exactly mean the liking that you may have in mind.

For example, if you love music you’ll be writing passionately about it. This involves SophieLikeItmore than “liking”. It is, therefore, expected to be successful but there is no guarantee as usual, and it’s not the liking  mentioned yesterday.

May be this assumption would make it a bit clear: Assuming that while you don’t like the soccer  you were inspired to write about a new issue that appeared to be a big deal in the future. You liked to write about that and were full of enthusiasm. Your writing, most probably, would be successful not because you like the sport but because you were inspired by the truth of the matter that came to you. You became interested in revealing something to the public which would reflect your special talent. That was the kind of “Liking” mentioned yesterday.

Other than that having 7 different topics for you to talk about the whole night, which one you would like to start with, it’s up to you!

Until we chat again, you are there for us and we’re here for you with our hugs and kisses oie_oie$1_twinkles (1)

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