Moon Effects²!

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A lot was said about moon and its lunar effects on people and their behavior. Historically-speaking there has been numerous debates about it, some were supported by old tools of measurements.

Studies of moon and its effects is still going on trying to uncover its secret influence but the reason that we write about it is a personal recurrence that described what happened to that poor girl.SophieMoonEffectsThe Spotlight published:

The moon influences life on Earth and natural mechanisms in a way that must have seemed natural hundreds and thousands of years ago. At full moon, corals release eggs and gametes in a reproductive frenzy.

And the gravitational attraction between the moon and the Earth causes sea tides — the rising and falling of the sea.

Since the moon influences such mechanisms of life on Earth, people have also believed that it can affect various aspects of physical and mental health.

But is this true, and to what extent?  For More

As you read, the belief in the existence of this moon phenomenon is strong and there was some evidence of being related. And if its effect was able to turn on the tides on those wide oceans, why wouldn’t it be able to turn on some outer elements on mankind?

This belief that the moon influences behavior is so widely held—reportedly, even 80 percent of nurses and 64 percent of doctors think it’s true, according to a 1987 paper published in the Journal of Emergency Medicine —that in 2012 a team of researchers at Université Laval’s School of Psychology in Canada decided to find out if mental illness and the phases of the moon are linkeda.

To test the theory, the researchers evaluated 771 patients who visited emeargency rooms at two hospitals in Montreal between March 2005 and April 2008. The patients chosen complained of chest pains, which doctors could not determine a medical cause for the pains. Many of the patients suffered from panic attacks, anxiety and mood disorders, or suicidal thoughts. More


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As crazy as it sounds part of it is true, but it’s for next time to tell.

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