Angela’s Eyelashes!

Welcome back dearest friends from the US, the UK, India, Turkey, Australia, and all other new friends from everywhere! 😉

Being a good dancer is hard to be. Is This what you think? But let’s see what happened to Angela’s eyelashes first.

See the source image

Everything went great and friends came over and had a good dinner reception.

Before the end of the week, the lashes started shedding down everywhere and there was no way to continue like that.

Angela called the salon asking them for a solution to which the answer was that she had only 24 hours after the extension was done to report any damage to her extension. In addition, if she went back again, it would be another $180 to do a removal and a replacement.

But that was nothing compared to what she suffered later on.
(To Be Continued)SophieEyelashesExtensionUntil we chat again, smile and be careful with salons, there are plenty bad out there so be diligent and do your homework with our hugs and kisses

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