Heat Tips!

Welcome back dearest writers readers bloggers friends and all from the US, Slovenia, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Nigeria, Philippines, Qatar, India,  Russia, the UK, and all! 😉

SophieFierySunYou wouldn’t believe the heat of today. 110° unbelievable by all means. No wonders that there area firebreaks in many counties and power shut-off.

This morning the sun at 7 am is exactly the way it looks like in this photo. It’s kind of strange orange as if it’s fiery sun or something. So strange!

Talking to a friend every now and then is good just for the sake of keeping you updated perhaps there are things that you’ve missed.

You are advised by health specialists:
* to stay indoors so long as the heat continues,
* to drink a lot of water or cold drinks,
* to lose any extra layers you’re wearing, just put on the lightest garment you have unless you’re using a cold A/C,
tight clothing is not recommended neither the dark colors. If you’re wearing black the sun will feel more intense to your body since any TrumpBestHairStyledark color would absorb more heat than the light colors.
* to take a cold shower,
* to use your swimming pool if it was safe and clean.

Lighten up and enjoy your smile try to act like Mr. Trump in his positive demeanor and his new hair style. Don’t  you think that it is  better than his previous one? 

Until we chat again, remember your heat tips and use them tactfully with our hugs and kisses

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