Ignore Facts?!

You have all the keys just clear your mind to see the perfect solutions! 😉 Thank you dearest friends from everywhere: the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, India, Japan, Malaysia, Ireland, Bulgaria, France, Vietnam, Italy, South Korea, Netherlands, Nigeria, China, Austria, Brazil, Guadeloupe, Morocco, and all! 😉

“One can’t ignore those facts” FBI announced that. FBI added that Congress attack was planned far before the Speech, and that they informed the police of that ahead of time, but there were those who wanted it to happen in order to stick it to the wrong person and to go on with their plans for another oust attempt.

Now, if you were in the States, you can choose  either to go with respecting the given FBI facts, or to ignore the facts and join the claimed liberals with no logic or sense.

Until we chat again, keep sending your visions and check on all related topics to energize your mind with our hugs and kisses

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