Welcome back dearest friends everywhere! 😉

“Unhinged” is a 2020 movie and for the big names, it was expected to be a success but apparently it was meant to be one. May be it was a warning to how life miseries affecting people. 🙄

Unbelievable!  In what way? In having Russell Crowe play that role. 

Many critics agreed that he damaged the innocent good-nature characters he used to play. But he is an actor and may be that was the only movie that his manager was able to settle for him.

The license plates in the unnamed state where the thriller “Unhinged” takes place read: “America’s Heartland.” The suggestion is that the horrors that occur over the course of one inordinately eventful day—and the ire that prompts them in the first place—could happen anywhere, even in a seemingly wholesome, secure part of the country. (For the record, “Unhinged” was shot in Louisiana, land of the film production tax breaks.) More

Very fast events and loose maniac killing innocent people. Not recommended for children or teenagers so violent and full of trauma. In addition, the screen was darker than the usual 😦

Until we chat again, may be you need a better kind of movies like the ones that aimed at real entertainment with our hugs and kisses

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