Too Late!

Good idea! What is going on? The least to say a total chaos and confusion! 😉 Welcome back to your pages dearest friends everywhere: the US, India, Canada, the UK, Brazil, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Israel, Australia, Lithuania, and all! 😉

imageThe reason is obviously by now is known for everyone: a lot of planning, just kidding. The market is trying to tell you that there has been a change in supply chains which are a very good news and not only that but also there are some rising American manufacturers who start the hard work to own their country. All good news.

No4MediaMedia is sued by a terrific number of States and government bodies and it seems that they are going to pay dearly for what they did for the innocent American People. They made a big mistake. They forgot when they were begging people to open an account when there was no one interested in their … and now it will go back to how it was at the beginning that is if they were able to heal up at all from what is coming to them. Sorry, you brought it on yourself, Media.

What do you think?

The news are still working on fabricating anything to stick to Iran and a new conspiracy against the US, but do you think that they are that stupid to do anything like that while they are still suffering of COVID?


When are they going to stop? Dangerous rumors like this could affect the lives of millions of people. Do they even care?

It is too late to ask these questions. They no longer care about their image or their credibility, but people are now alert and know all about their lies and how they seek to cover up for their crimes with any blasting news to trun away the attention of people to other nonsense. But tell them “Not Any More”.

Until we chat again,  may be we will talk more about your money next time, so tune in with our hugs and kisses


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