Whatever you do, it can inspire you! 😉 Welcome back dearest lovely friends from everywhere: the US, Canada, India, Libya, Romania, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, the UK, Colombia, China, Germany, and all! 😉


Funny! No, it’s actually too funny! In January 2021 we posted “Bernadette” and it reminded me of a French song which I kept looking for on YouTube thinking that it was called “Bernadette” but only yesterday I found out that the song’s name was actually “Gaston, y a l’téléfon qui son” by Nino Ferrer – (1967).

The only thing that was too funny was that I woke up in the morning having that song playing in my mind although I didn’t listen to that song in years. I was very surprised and amazed that since January my dear mind was working very Telefonhard to get me that song. Next thing was that I put the words online and voilà, the whole song came up like magic and compensating for all the search my mind was doing, I probably played the song 100 times since yesterday. 

Certainly, I love to share it with all of you. I wish you like it.:

(1) Nino Ferrer – Gaston, y a l’téléfon qui son (1967) – YouTube

Until we chat again, good memories never die, they are just buried under your burdens, find it with our hugs and kisses

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