Protect Trees!

Sometimes, suggesting or offering help means something else! 😉 Welcome our new friends from Bhutan, and welcome back dearest ones from the US, India, Canada, Ireland, the UK, Nigeria, Malaysia, Hungary, and all! 😉

SophieDowntownWCRussia can certainly help in the Suez Canal problem since the US Navy is busy with the tension between Japan and its neighbors. Most probably you ‘ve heard about the Taiwanese huge ship that is holding the traffic on the Suez Canal. 

What do you think? 

There are areas where art is really appreciated and creativity is endless. One of these places is downtown Walnut Creek, CA where each business tries to be unique with its special trademark and colors. The nice thing about it is that all businesses kind of melt together with no high pitch on anything. There is a homogeneity although they could be totally different kinds of businesses.

There is a similar tone in all surrounding areas which makes them very successful excluding those who had to close their doors due to that deadly virus.

Until we chat again, share with us your inspirations with our hugs and kisses

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