Great Day everyone! Tomorrow is another day and another life! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, Turkey, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Nigeria, Hungary, Malaysia, India, Philippines, Czech Republic, the UK, Netherlands, Argentina, Brazil, Japan, Kenya, and al! 😉

Receiving another camouflage theory, sharing it is helpful for you to see how some minds are working or how some minds are plotting to take advantage of the innocent people. Camouflage2

As you see in the above illustration, you have a number of keys like the piano keys and each day you will press a key so that it will be amplified nation-wide. For example, today you choose to amplify the “COVID” so you press the button and all media channels and newspaper have to follow your orders or else they will be traitors and should be punished.

Tomorrow, you decided to have all the light focus on the “Anti-Asian” group which would help having more employers prefer them over other groups in jobs. The day after tomorrow, you would press another button probably it would be “Pulling the troops out of Afghanistan” which might raise questions by those who disagree and give you an opportunity to pass a bill while they are busy with that.

It makes sense and it could be true but the truth is that we do not know for sure if the Media is the one that amplifying events or just following some instructions of authorities.

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