Secrets of Inspiration!

Great conversation and great weather! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends and friends from everywhere in your beautiful world: the US, Kenya, Turkey, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Nigeria, Czech Republic, Philippines, South Africa, Hungary, Malaysia, Italy, India, and all! 😉

Do you have a secret? Of course you do. Do you have a secret for inspiration? Again, of course you do, but may be you didn’t pay enough attention to it. How?

Secrets of InspirationFor example, you have a pile of magazines and every time you feel down you automatically find yourself going to that pile sitting down and just skip through whatever magazines your eyes pick up for you. Then while you are looking at the titles and the pictures, you suddenly stop at a certain picture asking yourself: “What is this? Is this really a painting?”

For you that one page ad. didn’t make any sense so you thought some crazy dude but then you thought again after closing the magazine and throwing it away. “Wait a minute, I might have missed something there. It can’t be the second page of that magazine and it has nothing. That guy looks like he achieved something big.” You picked up the magazine again, in a hurry, opened the second page one more time and gaze deeply at that painting.

Littman JewelersThis time you say to yourself: “Wow”! “How could I miss such art how could I miss such details how didn’t I noticed that the first time? At that moment, you got inspired with a great idea just happened to hit your mind. 

You were totally surprised of what had happened asking yourself: “What was that?”

That, my dear, was one of your secrets of inspiration!

Until we chat again, we hope that you would land on a few of your secrets of inspiration too, with our hugs and kisses

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