Unconstitutional & Blunt!

Well hello again! So impressive! Welcome back friends everywhere: the US, Poland, Philippines, Ital, Czech Republic, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Vietnam, Spain, South Africa, Mexico, France, brazil, Hungary, the UK, India, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, and al! 😉

Do you think that this makes sense?  Your friend, sharing and wondering, has sent us this clip along with a question that says: “Does this make any sense to you?” He added that he was only asking just to make sure that he didn’t lose his mind. “Unconstitutional and openly wrong similar to the Supreme Court pack”, he commented. Well, then let’s watch the following clip to see what is it too puzzling to him.

What do you think? May next time you should read a very important phrase that Trump said during his CPAC speech that would change everything!

Until we chat again, thank you dear friend for your follow up and may be others would like to send us some clips too, with our hugs and kisses

SOUL SOULSOUL Until we chat again, …

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